Want to Learn How to Sew?

Take a sewing class in your area

We've all been there - the zipper breaks on your jeans or you get a small hole in your favorite shirt and end up throwing it away. But it doesn't have to be that way. The Stitch House offers adult and child sewing classes.

We also host classes for various levels, from beginner to advanced. Contact us today to get our class schedule.

Discover what our classes cover

When you learn how to sew, the possibilities are endless. We offer classes that will teach you how to:

Create your own patterns
Make your own clothing
Sew simple projects, like pillows
Alter and repurpose items from thrift stores
Handle everyday repairs, like broken zippers and missing buttons

Want to find a class that meets your needs and skill level? Get in touch with us right away. We can discuss our class offerings and find the right fit for you.