Make Your Entire
Wardrobe Fit Like a Glove

Connect with a seamstress
to get alteration services

Have you ever felt disappointed after a shopping trip because nothing fit as it was supposed to? You're not alone. But, thankfully, there is a way you can get clothes to fit perfectly. The Stitch House offers alteration services for men, women and children.

Whether you have skirts, pants, suits or dresses that need to be tailored, we can help. We can even alter formal attire and handle dress fittings. If you need an alteration, set up an appointment with our team right away.

Let us handle all of your alteration needs

A piece of clothing will often need quite a few tweaks to fit just right. Thankfully, our team can handle any alteration you need, including:

Repairing broken zippers
Replacing missing buttons
Taking in and taking out parts of a garment

When we're done, your clothes will look and fit beautifully. Reach out to us right away to schedule an appointment for our alteration services.